4 Steps to take before hiring a Roofer

It’s only the beginning of severe weather season, but Henry Dinh can’t imagine it getting any worse.

“The hail damaged the window and damaged all the screens,” he said.

His windows, gutters and fence were damaged, but worst of all, he said his roof took a beating.

So far, he’s had three different roofers come to his doorstep offering free inspections and estimates.

“Some of them, they don’t have any business cards. It looks like they’re storm chasers just wanting to get your business,” Dinh said.

Sarah Burns with the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas said roofers are flooding the Collin County area after Sunday’s hail storm.

While many roofing contractors have good intentions, she said the bad ones are out there.

Burns called them “door knockers” or “storm chasers.”

Their M.O. is to play on your post-storm emotions and get you to sign a contract fast.

“I can knock on these doors and do 80 roofs and we can make all this money. And when this storm is over we’ll shut down and we won’t have business anyways,” she explained.

So before you hand over your hard earned cash, consider the following roofing tips.

  • Call your insurance company and schedule time for an inspection as soon as possible.
  • Research reputable roofing companies with great online reviews and excellent references. Make sure they have an actual business address and phone number.
  • If a roofer wants to waive, cover or “eat” your deductible, walk away. That, my friends, is insurance fraud.
  • Understand the risk of paying cash deposits up front.

Dinh said he hasn’t handed over any money yet, but admitted he’s anxious to get the work started and put this storm behind him.

The day after a storm can be a very stressful time for homeowners.

The Texas Legislature is currently reviewing a bill that would protect homeowners from dishonest roofers.

Under this law, every roofer in Texas would be required to register with the state, provide a physical business address and contact number, and pay a small registration fee.

But until the bill is passed, homeowners in Collin County are going to have to do their research and use their best judgment when they hire a roofer.

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