Why Choose Us?

1. Family Ownership: Our company has been operating since 1978, we are family owned and involved in the community. Experience matters; as we have been in business for 45 years.

2. Dependability: We have been installing roofs and siding in North Texas since 1978. People have come to know us as the roofing company to call for problem free installations.

3. Honesty: We welcome you to walk the inspection with us. We’ll tell you if you need a new roof. But we’ll also tell you if you only need a repair.

4. Value: You need to be on the lookout for “Fly-by Night” roofing companies. They can cause damage and drain your bank account.

5. Quality Installations: You can use the best materials available but a service is only as good as the professional installing it. Our roofing experts are some of the best in Dallas. They make you look good and make us feel great!

6. Warranty: We provide a five year warranty on all workmanship along with the manufactures warranty on the material ranging from 15- 50 years.

7. Trust: We measure our success on the amount of trust our community has in us. In-order to keep this trust we will work harder than anyone to ensure it stays that way.

8. Great Advice: We understand materials have to properly match the application. At Over The Top Roofing, we listen to what you want in a new roof so that you get the look you desire and the performance you need.

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